Heartbreak in the Himalayas

‘We can fix this woman. We can take away her chronic pain and stop her incontinence. We can restore her sexual function. We can restore her dignity.

We just need more light …

The lights go out.’

Set in the foothills of the spectacular Himalayas, Australian surgeon Dr Ray Hodgson and his exceptional team of volunteers battle more than just the power grid in their fight to improve the lives of desperate Nepalese women. Tackling the overwhelming prevalence of genital prolapse in this exotic corner of the world, this spellbinding story details the struggles the team face as they strive to overcome scarce supplies, gender discrimination, and cultural roadblocks.

Heartbreak in the Himalayas gives readers a priceless insight into Nepal’s true culture and its intimate relationship with the health of its people. Dr Ray weaves his way into the heart of this mesmerising country, and shines a light on the hopes, dreams, and heartbreaks of the local people who are usually hidden in statistics.

All profits from the sale of Heartbreak in the Himalayas will fund the construction of a Mothers and Babies Hospital in rural Nepal.