Healthy Hair Secrets


Have you ever stood in the shampoo aisle and wondered which shampoo and conditioner to choose?

Are you suffering with thinning hair or a flaky scalp?

Wondering why you are suffering with hair loss and other family members are not?

Or simply want advice on how to choose products which are safe for your family to use as well as environmentally friendly?

Do you ever wonder what all the chemicals in the shampoo bottles are and if they are harmful to your kids?

With 30 years experience as a hairdresser, educator , published author and one of Victoria’s leading hair and scalp specialists (as endorsed by Schwarzkopf in 2014), Megan Wright IAT will help you to discover the answers to all of those mystifying questions.

‘Healthy Hair Secrets’ addresses the questions Megan gets from her patients and clients and answers them in an easy to understand way debunking  the myths around hair care with minimal medical jargon!!!

In this ‘Hair Bible’, Megan answers questions like:

  • Why is my hair falling out?
  • Is there a cure for Psoriasis?
  • How can I make my hair thicker?
  • Best kept secrets to healthy hair
  • A-Z of super foods
  • Home hair care remedies
  • Much, much, more…


“This book will give you an understanding of what hair and hair loss are telling us about ourselves, and what we can do to improve everything.”

  • David Salinger Director of the International Association of Trichologists