Health that Heals

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Have you experienced that gnawing sensation that something’s not right? Whatever the issue is, it has the power to impact your health, and simply ignoring the issue won’t send it packing.

In Health that Heals, Sally shares her story and tips on how she turned her life around and healed her health-related challenges. Sally’s story illustrates how critical it is to take charge of your life, create the life you want to enjoy and truly live by eliminating perfection and maintaining progress.

Very few of us will escape this life without having experienced some level of pain, and for each of us, this is personal and challenging. Pain changes your life forever, but so too does healing from it.

Sally McGrath is a certified health coach in the world of wellness. Health that Heals is a culmination of lifelong challenges that have led Sally to develop her methods of improving holistic health.

Ready or not, take action to transform your life before it’s too late!

‘Time doesn’t heal you – you heal you.’