Handy Cruise Companion

Cruising. You’ve heard about it, people tell you how great it is, but you’re unsure if it’s right for you.

Perhaps you have a medical or mobility challenge that you think means you wouldn’t be able to go on a cruise. Perhaps you are overwhelmed or confused, and don’t know where to start. Perhaps you think you wouldn’t be able to cope by yourself.

But you don’t have to miss out I am here to guide you or even take you. A cruise holiday will no longer be daunting or out of reach.

Cruising is fun, exciting, memorable and good for you.

In Handy Cruise Companion, Julie Burgess reveals how you too can experience the amazing world of cruising.

A seasoned cruiser with over 15 years of international experience, Julie has guided many people as they embark on their cruise journey, assisting them from the initial booking, to stepping on board and setting sail.

A step-by-step guide packed with helpful hints and hacks, Handy Cruise Companion is the insider’s guide to cruising that will give you the knowledge and confidence to achieve your dream holiday.

When your destination is at sea, the world becomes a small place. New friends are waiting to meet you. Relax and unwind on the amazing adventure you deserve, and let your dreams set sail