Guilt Free Parents

What the hell did you do before you had children? What did you
spend all your time on? Do you remember a time when you only
had to worry about yourself? Don’t worry, neither can we.
Life changes dramatically when you become a parent and with all that
comes Parental Guilt and the need to bring in more money into the
family with only a small fraction of the time that we used to have.
Natasa & Stuart Denman share a tell all account of the last 7 years
since starting their now 7-Figure home-based business Ultimate 48
Hour Author while juggling building it up from nothing with their young
family raising their 3 kids Judd, Mika and Xara.
If you are a Solopreneur parent of children not yet of school age, this
book will give you strategy, tips and peace of mind to succeed on your
journey to building your business while still fulfilling your parental duties
and having quality time with your children.