Frou Frou to Fruition

Have you always wanted to pursue DANCE as a career?

Ever been told to ‘Get a real job’ or asked, ‘What would you know, you’re just a dancer?’

Are you turned off by the ‘poor starving artist’ stereotype?

Finding your feet in the dance industry can seem daunting, but if you are passionate about dance, there are so many ways to pursue successful, long-term careers that will bring you profit and prosperity.

In Frou Frou to Fruition, Kym Degenhart shares her experiences as a professional dancer, dance teacher and dance studio owner, to deliver insider tips to help those who LOVE to dance find success in the dance industry.

Whether you are a pre-professional dancer looking towards a performance career; a passionate teacher wishing to improve pedagogy; a studio owner wanting to create a thriving business; or transitioning from one of these careers to another – Frou Frou to Fruition delves deep into many of the challenges, providing actionable steps to success.

Now is the time to positively influence the next generation of dancers. Take action to build the future you’ve always dreamed of.

Let’s dance!