Foodie Dream

Imagine taking your passion for food and turning it
into a thriving business.
No more working in a job you hate, tension levels rising
throughout the day and coming home to your family tired, irritable and over it.
Many people live their lives working for a living rather than living their passion.
If you are a lot like me, your passion is food.
Do you spend your days off baking, hitting the BBQ creating gastronomic delights,
making pies or perfecting your favourite risotto?
For me, it’s making chocolate, the feeling of pouring liquid gold onto the marble
bench and tempering it, is so relaxing and satisfying.
If you want to monetise your passion, but you are unsure of where to start or
what it takes to open your foodie business, this book will take you through the
steps and actions you need to take to turn your dream into a reality.
From that very first idea to the strategies and steps to take before you launch
– putting together your blueprint for success to getting the right look, to what
happens after the launch – getting known and getting social and building your
clients and raving fans – this book is the key to making the decision to take that
leap of faith and live a life filled with your passion for food.