Finding your inner Gold

What would you attempt to do if you knew that you couldn’t fail?

A lot of us are scared to be subjected to change or try something new because we are quite happy with the status quo or feel that we may not be good at it or look silly, so why change what we are comfortable with?  Some of us are challenged to find our inner gold because we fear digging deep into our heart to find out what it is we really want.

What if your life was thrown into chaos with the diagnosis of a chronic illness, would you be able to continue and even try something new.  Carol Cooke was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis but has gone on to embrace the changes in her life and take on new challenges that people half her age wouldn’t even want to try.  She has gone on to win Paralympic Gold and become a World Champion.

In this her updated book she shares her secrets to finding your own inner gold, overcoming adversity, accepting change, finding your hidden courage and creating a winning mindset.  She truly believes that if you dare to face your fears and believe in yourself you can overcome anything.