Finding My Rainbow

Growing up in Melbourne during the sixties as a baby
boomer, Yvonne’s dreams were to find a life partner, build
a home, raise a family, start a career and travel.
The trajectory her life was changed forever when her husband
took his life.
Now she faces the challenges of raising their two children alone.
This begins a transformative journey of self-empowerment and
rediscovering what defines her identity.
Yvonne shares her travails through career pathways, dealing
with relationships, what travel has meant for her, the passion
she has for food, exploring and defining spirituality, navigating
physical, mental and emotional health and dealing with
COVID lockdowns.
In her quest for healing she learns some ‘truths’ about love,
forgiveness, authenticity and turning a tragedy into a triumph.
Finding My Rainbow is a memoir of loss, heartbreak and
self-discovery, a story that’ll move and inspire you to find
your own inner strength.