Feel Good Now

Has going through a divorce impacted on the way that you live your life today?
Are you feeling vulnerable, alone and overwhelmed now that your life has changed?
Do you dream of feeling strong, in control and supported in ways you never thought possible?
In this must read book for modern women going through divorce, Katerina Roukakis uses her experience of having endured the terrifying and complicated process of divorce to help you navigate through the tough times and come out of it not only stronger but thriving!
Katerina has put together a compilation of easy to implement strategies and talks about how to use your relationship breakdown to make changes in your life and to sustain them in order to find love, happiness and fulfilment.
Challenge the status quo by changing the way you see divorce and the way you think about yourself and your future. Katerina will show you the way so that you can see that anything is possible.