Everyday Conversations with God

When Judith was asked to write the reflections for the front page of the weekly church newsletter, she wrote about the ordinary, everyday moments of her week and the conversations she had with God during these times. In the process of writing these reflections for others to read, she realised she was in fact exploring her own relationship with God. When the words and ideas would flow like a creek after rain she was open to conversation. On the days when it felt like trudging through creek bed mud after a long hot summer Judith was having a one-sided conversation with God. The only voice she heard was her own.

Judith’s reflections resonated with members of the congregation, not because of Judith’s words or her ordinariness but the breath between the words. The gentle reminder God’s voice is not confined to a special place. It is often clearest in places we do not expect to hear it, in the most ordinary moments of our everyday lives.