Eating for you

There is no one perfect diet for everyone. We are all different – our experiences of eating differ, our lifestyles vary and we have individual needs. So how do you work out what is right for you?

Eating for You introduces 10 Principles to guide you in personalising your way of eating and living based on knowing yourself, knowing your food, and knowing how to introduce and live with change.

These principles combine Western science and the Eastern wisdom of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. They outline a unique approach that increases your clarity and confidence in introducing meaningful change through mindfulness, reflection and meditation. Mindfulness connects you with your motivations for eating and your personal health and lifestyle needs. It enables you to enjoy more energy, improved health and a greater sense of wellbeing.

Uncover how your eating habits affect your health.  

Identify ways to improve your experience of health and wellbeing.

Know how to select and prepare nutritious food.

Create a balanced lifestyle and supportive relationships.

Gain confidence in choosing what’s best for you with the support of your healthcare practitioners.

Resolve and remove obstacles that stop you from improving your health.

Let go of your struggle with change. 

Eating for You is for everyone interested in food and wellbeing as well as those wishing to make changes to their way of eating for health, such as having diabetes or being overweight.