Double Happiness Multiplied

Are you crippled with fear at the prospect of having twins, triplets, or quads? Have

fellow parents of multiples only compounded your anxiety? Discover how to tackle the

challenges of having multiples through real-life stories of parents who’ve been there.

The challenges that come with pregnancy and having more than one baby at a time are

very different than with singletons. Double Happiness Multiplied is the go-to book

for all your answers about carrying and caring for your babies. It’s packed with proven

tips and strategies for life with multiples, as well as stories from families with multiples

and expert medical advice. Lean on the wisdom of parents and caregivers who have

gone before you to create less stress and more joy in your life.

In Double Happiness Multiplied, you’ll learn:

  • How to protect your relationship with your spouse while facing the

challenge of a multiple birth,

  • Strategies for coping with gestational diabetes to keep your babies inutero longer,
  • What questions to ask when you meet with specialists during your pregnancy

and after the birth,

  • How to relieve the everyday pressure of life with multiples,
  • Where to find the support you need, and much, much more!

Double Happiness Multiplied is your go-to reference guide for feeling confident

while pregnant with multiples. It’s the basis for a support network that helps

you care for your babies without jeopardising your relationships and mental health.

If you want a book full of expert advice, real-life stories “from the trenches,” and a full

embrace of the wonderful things multiples bring to your life, then you’ll love Sally

Barker’s life-changing book.