Don’t make mistakes

Do you know a teenager or young adult who needs some help?

 Are you sick and tired of people not understanding you?

Perhaps you find yourself thinking, “I just want life to be better” or, “I want to achieve something more”. You are not alone. Failure is how we learn. When you fail forward, you overcome fear. It is the fear itself that is holding you back – not the failure. People often don’t tell you about the struggles they went through or strategies they used on their path to success. Teenagers and young adults – this book will give you the solutions, tools and courage you need to discover your inner strength and BE THE DREAM! 

Teacher, Entrepreneur and Speaker Ruth Hibburt has studied and applied the secrets to success by failing forward. A positive-change maker in education, Ruth is an expert in building skills, confidence and positive relationships with students, parents and teachers, having taught over 3000 teenagers from a diverse range of social and learning needs.