Diagnosis to Recovery

In this inspiring story of recovery, Emma vanderHoeven relates how after 25 years of working as a nurse, wellness coach and health practitioner, she found herself on the other side of the healthcare system when she herself received a life changing diagnosis.

This was a life-changing experience that not only changed her views on life but revealed to her a whole new insight as to what it means to recover from disease.

In Diagnosis to Recovery, Emma shares her personal journey from being diagnosed with stage-4 lung cancer with a poor prognosis to regaining her health as well as the mindset tools she utilised to not only navigate her recovery but to do so in a state of gratitude and achieve the life she had always wanted.

It is well known that the way we think affects our lives and health, yet there is more to it than simple positive thinking. If you are facing a chronic illness, then Diagnosis to Recovery is your guidebook to utilising your inner resources to reach a brighter future.

This book is a must-read if you are ready to not only heal from any disease or diagnosis but enter a state of mind that will transform and heal your life!