Deep within

Sarah Basheer, a seventeen year old Lebanese Druze girl from an undesirable neighbourhood, develops a yearning desire to discover who she really is and ponders her life, religion and her growing infatuation with her high school teacher. 

At the same time, her yearning desire to find out more about the secretive Druze religion, not openly displayed or marketed like The Bible and Quran, sparks an intrigue and conviction.

Sarah’s parents, having firm strict religious beliefs and ideals, want to take Sarah to Lebanon and plan her arranged marriage, as they fear they will lose their daughter to an Australian man. 

Will Sarah discover the truth behind her masked religion? Will she reunite with her unrequited love, or conform to her parents’ rigidly enforced principles? Interwoven student crush, teenage self-discovery, and depth of a masked religion and finally struggles of everyday teenage quandaries. 

In life, it is the choices we make that determine our inevitable outcome. Will Sarah find the kindred spirit she strongly believes is lurking in the world, awaiting her return?