Death, dying and Beyond

Michelle weaves her magic through her storytelling in this book that brings together the reality of death, dying and the afterlife.

‘I wonder what it is like on the other side?’                What if there is nothing there?’

A question that many have asked over lifetimes, the fascination of what is beyond life, intriguing. 

This heartfelt book, shares stories of Michelle’s experience of caring for her beloved husband Paul and mother Loryn as they transition on their journey through the dying stage to their ultimate death and the ability to still communicate with them from beyond.

Death is the finality of our reality

Through our cherished loved ones we get to end our lives in dignity. For those that take on this important role in our end of life plan, transitioning us along the dying journey with such love, peace and harmony, is all we could ever hope for. 

As an individual unique soul, seek to discover who you truly are. Seek your own truth, wisdom, seek the information and knowledge that resonates with you.  When you open your heart, follow your guidance, you will find exactly what suits your exact needs. 

The fun and excitement, is the journey of discovery and growth you will obtain in your souls’ evolution.