Creating Mindful Moments

“This morning whilst getting ready to leave for work, I dropped my keys.As I picked them up, I heard a supportive inner-voice say, ‘It’s going tobe okay’. I have a far away memory of an old inner-voice that would havecursed me and said things like, ‘Oh, this is just the beginning of a bad day ahead’. The old voice is so faint it’s barely audible. It is just there to help me appreciate how far I have come.” Would you like to discover how to fi nd moments of peace, even on your craziest days? Sandra Harwood will guide you towards creating regular calm moments that enable your inner-wisdom to be heard more readily. Her mindful moments are stepping stones towards meditation and encouraging innerpeace. Discover how to improve your wellbeing and enrich a peaceful and content life through exploring your values, emotions and thought processes. After all, how can we have peace around us, if we do not have peace inside us?