Crappy vs Happy

Do you want a life filled with more ‘happy’ and less ‘crappy’? Do you crave a life of authentic sustainable happiness?

Do you feel out of control not having enough time for yourself, or feel stuck in day to day routines that just aren’t working?

All of that can change for you.

In Crappy Vs Happy, Chrissy guides you on an intimate journey, empowering you to create infinite shifts and powerfully transform your life.

Chrissy is the successful business owner of Happy Healing Meditation Centre in South Australia, and a certified practitioner of Neuro Linguistics, Time Line Therapy and hypnotherapy. Chrissy has a clear understanding of the most common blocks that hold people back from happiness and success and she is here to help you too.

Crappy Vs Happy is packed with useful information, from explaining the importance of your tribe, to the functions of your energy centres, to how to use your body as a barometer and trust your intuition. You will learn practical tools to create the life story you want to live in.

It’s time to take effective action in the direction of your dreams.