Connected – A Paradigm shift in how we view health


Finally, the world is walking up to wellness, but just because we are fit or lean, doesn’t mean we are well. 

Your health is your wealth and the answers lie within you, your connection to yourself, others and our planet. 

We heal through our innate intelligence that’s run by the universal intelligence.

Connect to Wellness – a paradigm shift in how we view health, immunity & ageing’ is timely. You’ll be inspired with ‘easy to understand’ scientific information on how your body creates health, when you give it the right environment.

Best selling author and wellness expert Andi Lew is 47, and her vitality shows that what she teaches; works! 

She’s been on New York Live, CBS LA, Good Day DC, 60 Minutes & Today shows with her other 7 health titles and shares her secrets on:

4 toxic stressors that compromise our health 

how to slow ageing naturally

what the healthiest people on the planet do

the difference between wellness & prevention VS health & early detection.

your body’s self healing powers  

the role of your nervous system 

boosting immunity 

sleep and how it’s now impacted 

quality water & assimilation of nutrition 

creating a toxic free environment 

discovering a balance of perception 

Learn how to address the cause, not just the symptoms.