Connect to Sleep

Backed-up by the latest research, the key to this loving approach is kind and predictable care that follows your baby’s cues.

Tried and tested

Connect to Sleep includes great sleep tips that every parent can use to help their baby find sleep.

Throughout the book, Helen demonstrates that providing a daily rhythm for your baby will help them find sleep, without adhering to a rigid routine or letting them cry themselves to sleep.

What’s in the book

  • Some ideas about adjusting to parenthood
  • The art and need for calming babies
  • What is ‘normal’ sleep?
  • Overtiredness, and how to avoid it
  • Sleep cycles
  • Sleep regression
  • Bottle feeding
  • Infant brains and relationship development
  • Dream feeding
  • Some of the science and theories surrounding brain development
  • Family health
  • Separation anxiety
  • ‘Spoiling’ babies
  • Sleep associations
  • Self-regulation
  • How to transition from bed-sharing
  • Preparation for bed
  • Parent expectations

Real-life stories

Families have generously shared their stories of sleep struggles in the hope that, with Helen’s input, they can help others find peace at sleep time.

  • 8-week-old Noah
  • 19-week-old Avi
  • 8-month-old Ayaz
  • 11-month-old Charlotte

Each unique story offers insight into how families and clinicians can learn to resolve infant sleep problems in kind, responsive ways.

Over 20 years experience

Helen’s work links real family struggles with neuroscience, theories and an understanding of the fundamental infant-parent relationship.


Helen Stevens