Colour Outside the Lines

Colour Outside The Lines Blurb

Australia seems to be a wonderful example of successful multiculturism. So why do 20% of Australians still regularly experience racism, including physical assaults? What about biracial children? If they are half Australian and live here, that makes them Aussies, right?

Fiji sang the ‘you are the way the world should be’ advertisement before the 2000 political coup. Can we learn from our Pacific Island neighbours who too have their own race issues? How can we support people of colour who feel they are forced to ‘play the game and put their armour on’ if they want to succeed in Western (predominantly white) society, including Australia?

Bernie Goulding shares her lived experience in growing up in Australia and living in Fiji. She offers great insight into what it’s like to walk in the shoes of a biracial child often caught between two cultures and how she developed the five senses needed to thrive in both. Bernie’s story may just be the key to unlocking the matrix of colour and cultural understanding for people struggling to fit in at school, work and in the community in which they live.

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