Clairvoyant Amongst the Coconuts

Clairvoyant Amongst the Coconuts takes you on a journey from Australia to the Solomon Islands, where Trina Brown settles in to a new way of life and makes a home away from home.

From teaching English at the community school, to adventures on the high seas and a near-miss with a boiling volcano, Trina takes you along for the ride.

With her guides in spirit leading the way, Trina shares her experience of Island life from first stepping foot off the plane, to becoming a much-loved member of the community. This heartwarming story is also about building Hope, a small school in the Solomon Islands.

But more than that, Clairvoyant Amongst the Coconuts is a journey into self. It is an invitation to embrace your own journey, through meditations, self-reflection exercises, and becoming more connected to your intuition.

If you are seeking answers and understanding as you navigate your own path, you will undoubtedly find Trina’s journey inspirational and encouraging. Allow her to act as your guide, as she explains what it takes to discover the purpose of being, and the need for Hope.

Clairvoyant Amongst the Coconuts will show you anything is possible if you have Hope in your heart and take life one step at a time.