Change is not a scary word

Do you want to be inspired to steer your own ship,                                  or need help to give you a good start?

Change is not a Scary Word will give you motivation and inspiration to take action, and help you gain confidence to feel better about making that                                      positive change!

In this book, 10 inspiring authors from across the world have come together to share their personal stories of change, and how they transformed chaos and tragedy into a better life for themselves.

From life-threatening illnesses, physical impediments, mind and body transformations, and mental health struggles, reading these true tales will show  you how possible it is to turn your life around today!

Are you looking for tips to follow to take action toward your dream? Maybe you doubt yourself? If you are stuck in the doldrums of your life and need encouragement to move off that treadmill, here are 10 Influencers Leading           the Way.

Are you seeking a positive change in your life? Then Change is not a Scary Word is the sign you need to take that first step to create a better version of you.