Post-post-apocalyptic society can be fun.
In the 23rd century, as Gaia’s Curse starts to lift, Canberra is divided. Leaders of local communities revel in grandiosity in a political landscape pervaded by lust, betrayal and power struggles.
The nefarious Baron von Belco and his Coalition of the Largely Unwilling attempt to conquer North Canberra, resulting in the most embarrassing battle in military history. The Governor of Gungahlin just wants a quiet life, despite the machinations of his power-hungry Secretary. The demented Mud People of EPIC go on an epic journey to find the earthly paradise of Wagga Bay.
The Weston Union attempts to secede from the domains of the Warlord of Woden. Meanwhile the temptress Jezebel, Begum of Jerra, conspires to overthrow dear old Queen Doris of Queanbeyan. The Peoples Soviet Republic of Tuggeranong tries to liberate the peasants held in feudal servitude to the aristocratic Count of Condor, who is under siege by chicken rustlers. South Canberra remains as confusing as its street layout.
Yet Canberra is pervaded by the far-sighted legacy of a man long gone – a legacy and a prophecy.