Business Tribes

Have you always wanted someone beside yourself to help you in life and in your business? You’ve heard about developing teams and networking, but you simply don’t know where to start. Family, friends, employees, suppliers, consumers – these are all tribes that you can harness to achieve success for your business.

In this book, international award-winning entrepreneur and best-selling author Tony Park will show you a way to turbocharge your life, business and community through the creation and use of business tribes. As a writer, academic and business developer across many sectors in Australia, and as an international speaker and business coach across the world, Tony has put these ideas into practice and helped to change people and create communities.

Understand what a business tribe is, how you can develop your tribe and harness the power of people and keep those tribes together. Tony will share step-by-step practical plans to energise your tribes and turbocharge your business – for profit.