Bursting the Bubble

Bursting the Bubble: Releasing Your Limiting Mindset continues on from The Bubble is Born and is about ‘bursting’ the bubble that you have created, dispelling all that ‘hot air’, or limiting mindset, that has held you back.

Maxine continues to share her own journey into the twenty-first century. She discovered that this was the perfect time to explore and implement an alternative way of thinking, communicating and participating in life. Using this new knowledge, along with all the insights gleaned from her past, she released the limiting mindset that had burdened her for so long and burst her own bubble.

By implementing a variety of resources and tools, Maxine created a more joyful and fulfilling life. She shares with you how she was able to give it a go, and you can see her transformation unfold before your very eyes.

Bursting the Bubble will give you the opportunity to learn how to burst your own bubble and live a life with more freedom and passion!

Maxine is the ‘Give It a Go Transformation’ Master in …

Bursting the Bubble: Releasing Your Limiting Mindset!

Motivational Maxine encourages and shows you in her simple conversational way how YOU too can take control of your life and achieve your dreams.

Elaine Squiers – Author and Health Coach, QBE (Qualified by Experience)

Maxine fully commits, participates and goes after what she wants. Her drive and enthusiasm for life are infectious and inspiring.

Suzanne Waldron – Behavioural Change Specialist

Maxine has successfully burst the bubble on her own limiting mindset, with practical ideas and suggestions for YOU to follow too! I highly recommend you read this book NOW!

Dee Beech – Entrepreneur, The Appreciation Business