Building Success

Do you work in the construction industry?

Are you a business owner? 

Feel stressed, overwhelmed and chasing that dream of success?

Melissa Boyle has gathered years of experience into Building Success so that you can fast track to a more balanced life with a clear direction to attain your goals.

Her experience as an executive trainer, developing and running a construction company with her husband, along with passion for learning and facilitating positive change, has given her a wide range of experience, techniques and tools to help you in all facets of business and life.

Treat this book like a blueprint to success, where you will learn:

why self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) are essential.

to dramatically increase personal, team and business performance.

to intentionally move through your day with more purpose, clarity and direction.

to build skills to create stronger relationships and connections with others. 

how to find happiness and your personal level of balance.

your path to success with your inner game.

How to build resilience and flexibility in changing times.

This information will save you time and money by helping you get to the end goal with less hurdles and more clarity.