Awaken to Transformation

Awaken to Transformation has been inspired by my own healing journey.

I believe we can only help others heal to the point we have healed ourselves.

We all have two stories. The story of our childhood, which determines the story of our early adulthood, and then the story of our transformation as we choose to follow our soul’s calling.

In many cases, there’s a story of a lifetime of continued pain, as we choose to dwell in the dysfunctional mindset created by those of influence throughout our childhood. If suppressed, the emotions connected to trauma, fear and guilt often turn into anger. Anger can create self-loathing and may also cause us to blame others for our circumstances.

I’ve been there, and I’ve managed to break free from blaming others.

You can take your power back and learn how to teach your mind to serve you and flourish.

If you want to develop an awareness of healing techniques that create abundant health, happiness, vitality and whatever else you would like to attract into your life, this book is for you