Have YOU lost passion for your life?

There is so much expectation in gaining success that sometimes we lose our way getting there while also losing a ‘sense of self’ and forgetting why we’re really doing anything. To cover up how we FEEL, we start to put on a brave face or armour to hide it and avoid talking to people about our EMOTIONS.

These feelings of being trapped can take a person down a path of no return and it seems easier to give up, rather than face the shame of feeling stressed, insufficient and worthless. 

Angela Wang has worked in the construction industry for fifteen years. When she discovered that the rate of suicide in her industry was second highest in Australia, she followed her calling to start helping people navigate depression and anxiety with a mission to reduce these astounding statistics. 

Angela has been there. She lived behind these armours to avoid real conversations and having to expose her true feelings. But life has a way of boiling over if we suppress our authentic self too long. Angela has discovered that by working through the Emotions and Feelings that are the root cause of keeping you stuck, you can start building the life of your dreams, without having the armours that weigh you down.  

Angela had to hit rock bottom before she could rebuild her life. She had to tear down all of the bad construction in her life and rebuild with better foundations in place. In Armour, Angela walks through her story and the strategies that have helped her return to living with passion. These strategies can be used in your own time, on your own. This removes the shame about talking about feelings while learning how to slowly break down these armours, deal with emotions and thrive.