Alpaca Teeth

Dental issues are common in alpacas and can lead to pain,                    suffering and, if left untreated, can be fatal. 

Alpaca Teeth: The Owner’s Guide to Alpaca Dental Health and Wellbeing will take you on a guided tour of the mouth of the alpaca, demonstrating the role that the mouth and teeth play as the first part of the digestive process. You will learn about normal dentition, what can go wrong in the mouth and, most importantly, how you can identify animals in your care that may be suffering from a dental problem. 

Allison Quagliani became interested in alpaca dentistry in 2002 when one of her own animals developed a tooth problem and needed dental treatment. Allison is the first dedicated Alpaca Dentist in Australia and has been providing dental care to alpacas for over 15 years. Allison has written Alpaca Teeth: The Owner’s Guide to Alpaca Dental Health and Wellbeing, to share her knowledge with alpaca carers to improve the lives of alpacas. 

Owners and carers are at the frontline when it comes to identifying any dental issues. Using the information in this book, you will play an important role in the early detection and treatment of dental issues for animals in your care. Written in everyday language with lots of photographs and diagrams, this book is suitable for all alpaca carers. It will be an essential part of your alpaca husbandry reference library and an invaluable book to have on-hand when checking the health of your alpacas.