A Mother’s Love For Her Miracle Twins

“Unless you have walked the path of those hospital corridors day in, day out, it’s hard to comprehend what it’s like to have a child in neonatal intensive care.”

Narelle lived this experience in 1998. After giving birth to twin girls at just twenty-five weeks gestation, Monash Medical Centre became Narelle’s second home.

A Mother’s Love For Her Miracle Twins is a daily journal of those 133 days, following Hailey and Amy’s early entries into the world until they were able to go home.

It’s an informative and touching story that highlights the amazing medical treatments available for such tiny babies both then and now. It acknowledges the hard-working people behind the girls’ fight for survival – the caring doctors and nurses from the Monash Medical Centre. It conveys the raw emotions of a mother who at times felt helpless, but never gave up hope.