A Body in the Lane

Homicide detectives Mark Amos and Zac Harris are called out in the early hours of a cold, wet morning to investigate a naked corpse curled up in a laneway off Exhibition Street, Melbourne. The face of the corpse is twisted in torment. Numerous knife wounds and cigarette burns litter the torso. The experienced detectives have not seen anything like it. There are no clues and the dead man is unidentifi able. But they can feel the perpetrator’ s frenzied rage.
Weeks pass, then one night, Detective Mark Amos catches a lucky break. It eventually leads him
to the Smyth family in Tasmania, where Mark’s investigations reveal misappropriation, a wrongful death, a suicide and the destruction of a respected family.
This spin-off of The Taroona Incident is a tale of hubris, the greed of others, drugs and fateful decisions.
A Body in the Lane is a suspenseful crime thriller that’ll keep you hooked until its shocking climax.