James Lawson, a business entrepreneur from our times, has grown up with the belief that the main purpose of life is to maximise wealth. He only accepts that climate change is real when he realises he can make money out of dealing with it.

Struck down by a near-fatal brain tumour, he is put into hibernation until a treatment can be found for his condition.

Revived in the year 2100, he finds himself living in a very different world from the one that we are used to. Even the social mores are different.

During his long sleep, the world economic order collapsed. People have banded together to organise themselves into communities. For them, beyond providing for the basic necessities, the accumulation of wealth has been replaced by quality-of-life issues, such as being part of their community and taking care of a planet ravaged by climate change.

Can James adjust to this new way of life? Can he still put his entrepreneurial skills to good use? Can he find love, and track down what has happened to the people in his past?

Can the people of 2100, who blame the people of our time for causing global warming, learn to accept this man?

And where, amongst a people whose cuisine is plain but wholesome, can he get a decent Big Mac and french fries?