Whilst Busybird has been around for over fifteen years, for the bulk of that time we were a business focused on design and photography. Our evolution into publishing has been recent – since late 2008, when we decided to begin our own fiction anthology, which everybody would know as [untitled].

Since then, we’ve produced five issues of [untitled], two issues of page seventeen, as well as the nonfiction anthology Journey: Experiences with Breast Cancer (a portion of proceeds going to BreaCan and WHOW) and the children’s book Who’s a Cheeky Monkey? (with all proceeds going to Destiny Rescue).

We’re now working on a sixth issue of [untitled], a companion book to Journey about prostate cancer (for which we’re still trying to find a perfect title – please email us if you have a idea), and have a host of other great projects in the pipeline.

We’ve also helped a number of authors self-publish their own books, providing services ranging from editing to layout to design. If there’s one thing we love, it’s stories, and helping people get out their own stories.

The next step in our evolution is the opening of our studio. We moved in several weeks ago, and have been working hard on making it home. Here you’ll find the Busybird team, as well as the books we’ve worked on. Feel free to drop in to chat about our projects or the services we can provide. We’re also going to be hosting a whole assortment of great workshops.

Otherwise, please join us for the Grand Opening of our studio this Thursday, 16th May, from 7.00pm. We also have on display the exhibition, In the Suburbs of the Heart, by linvanhek, which will be launched by poet/musician Joe Dolce. The exhibition will run from 16th May–6th June.


Busybird Studio:
2/118 Para Road
Montmorency 3094
(Melway reference 21 B5)

For catering purposes, please RVSP Blaise by email us or call 0416 157 281.