A New Beginning.

We are closing … our [untitled] website.

That’s right, the [untitled] website will be expiring at the end of the month, (give or take a day or two).

Instead of being scattered across the net, we’ll be consolidating [untitled] into the Busybird Publishing website.  So you can now find the [untitled] page here and submissions page here.  All the other [untitled] stuff is also there – the FAQ, the Competition page, and the Contact page.  (Keep in mind that our email address has changed to untitled.at.busybird.com – obviously substituting ‘@’ for ‘at’).  We’ll also be adding stuff, like actual stories that have won or archived in our competitions.

Ultimately, you can find [untitled] and all of Busybird’s products in the Our Books menu.

As an aside (albeit an important one), please be aware that page seventeen is also following suit.

Having spruiked all that, please keep in mind that we are actively seeking submissions for issue six, which is due out (hopefully) in March or April of next year.  So if you’ve got a story you think is right, feel free to fire away.

If you’re (still) wondering what we’re looking for, well, we’ve banged on about this ad nauseam, but we just want a good story.  If you go back over previous issues, we’ve published drama, romance, satire, experimental, horror, and the list goes on.  What they all have in common, though, is that they’re all great stories, stories you can lose yourself in whilst reading – the best sort.

We don’t have any real deadline.  Anything which doesn’t make it into consideration for any given issue is rolled over into the next.  However, at the moment, issue six is an open slate.

So get writing.

Get submitting!