Festival of Stories

This week has been Children’s Book Week, for those of you who work in the book world. And I have to say I had lots of fun hanging out with kids in grade 5,6 and years 7 and 8. And I’m very happy to see these kids really into books and writing, as well as illustration.

Earlier in the year, I proposed a Festival of Stories to CAL Funding Agency to hold a series of writing and illustration workshops at the Yarra Plenty Regional Library with these kids. It has been a great week and has been a win-win for the library, the schools as well as the facilitators who I was able to get to run the workshops.

Our own Kev Howlett, Simon Swingler, Paul Collins and Hazel Edwards all ran workshops to kids who were thoroughly engaged for each two hour workshop. And don’t these kids show us how to be creative!

I look forward to gathering all their work and putting it into an anthology that we’ll launch in November.