Gift Certificate

A gift voucher for the reader or writer in your life. Vouchers redeemable by contacting our studio.


The Owl Package

Everything you need to get your book out into the world. We’ll work with you to become self-sufficient.


The Raven Package

You want your book to be sleek and the copy professionally edited and designed. The Raven package will give you all you need to set yourself up for author success.

You have your book and you want to publish, but you want more than that.  Writing is something you take seriously, and you understand that there’s more to this publishing caper than simply getting a book printed.  You want to build a presence.  It’s not just about becoming an author but, in a way, becoming a brand.  You want everybody to not only know about your book, but also about you, the author.  You want to make a splash and give yourself the best chance possible of succeeding.


The Sparrow Package

So you have a book and want to get it out into the world, minus all the bells and whistles.


Customise Your Package

Pick the services that you require so you can customise a self-publishing package that will get your book out into the world.

Let us do the rest. We’ll hold your hand through the publishing journey.

Best of all, we make NO claims on rights or royalties.

Talk to us about what you need to do to publish your book!


If you’re just embarking on your self-publishing journey, this bundle will kickstart you on the journey.

We’ll start by working with you on a plan for your book (in person, Skype/Zoom or phone). This session will help you sort out the publishing timeline and ideas for promotion.

Having a mock-up of your cover means that you can start pre-selling your book and funding your project. You can also send out the media release or book blurb to start getting some media attention or book store orders.



You can have the most spectacular content and a professional book that has great value to a reader, but how do they know it exists?

Promotion is advertising a product or brand, generating sales, and creating brand loyalty. It’s one of the four elements of your marketing mix and important in terms of getting your book into people’s hands. Promotion covers the methods of communication used to provide information about a product. Information can be both verbal and visual.

Don’t let your book sit unseen on some shelf. Strive to create awareness for your book, as well as yourself as an author.