Open Mic Night

Open mic night is a great social event but also a great way to improve your speaking and performing skills. This is vital to improve your following if you intend to publish books.

Get Reading

Busybird Publishing is always interested in trying to be socially conscious. Our anthologies were initially designed to give new and emerging writers exposure. Our books will usually give a portion of proceeds to a charity and/or foundation, and/or will help to raise awareness for a cause. We run workshops on photography, writing, and publishing, and … Continued

Looking Forward

Last night was Busybird’s Christmas Party/Open Mic Night 40 – a fantastic way to see out the year. In a night filled with merriment, feasting, and great readings, we also had the privilege of announcing the winner of the 2017 Busybird Creative Fellowship! Congratulations to Maryanne Eve! A resident of Kinglake, Maryanne experienced the tragedy … Continued

How I used the Busybird Creative Fellowship – AC Watson

In December 2015 I was lucky enough to be chosen for the Busybird Creative Fellowship. The fellowship aims to help an emerging writer through their current project. For me, this meant developing my skills as a writer, starting my own writing group, meeting a vast network of amazing people, and ultimately, bringing my novel up … Continued

The Fellowship of the Wing

At 7.00 pm, on Wednesday night 18th of February, Busybird’s Open Mic Night returns for 2015. Regular readers of this blog or our newsletter will know our spiel: Open Mic Night is a great way to see how your material connects with a live audience, to meet and chat with like-minded people, and simply to … Continued

Farewelling 2014

So we’re almost at the end of the year, which is a time both to reflect and also to look to the future. What did we accomplish in the past year? Did we finish that book we wanted to write? Or have that exhibition? Or read at that open mic night? Going into 2014, we … Continued

Being a Busybird – Chocolate Biscuits Included

For several weeks now I have been interning at Busybird Publishing, a small publishing house run by husband and wife super duo, Blaise van Hecke and Kev Howlett. This place has a big heart and lots of chocolate biscuits. The experience here so far has just been fantastic. I’ve been able to address a lot … Continued

Putting Myself Out There

I’ve always been a writer. It’s just part of who I am. For the last few years, however, I’ve been so focused on training for a career in the publishing industry and searching for an entry-level job that I neglected my writing altogether. At the start of this year I realised that I was starting … Continued