Let Us Help You

Often, this blog is dedicated to writing fiction. This week, we’re going to look at writing nonfiction – specifically, books that are designed to showcase the author’s expertise and knowledge in a specific industry. Inexperienced writers think it’s easy. It’s no different to writing an autobiography – after all, all the material is there. Just … Continued

Making It

There’s always been a romanticism attached to writing – the thought of sitting up endless nights, pounding away at the keyboard, telling a story only you can tell. Many inexperienced writers visualize themselves as the next Hemmingway, Fitzgerald, King, Picoult, or Rowling. But there’s something these writers – and others like them – have in … Continued

Looking Forward

Last night was Busybird’s Christmas Party/Open Mic Night 40 – a fantastic way to see out the year. In a night filled with merriment, feasting, and great readings, we also had the privilege of announcing the winner of the 2017 Busybird Creative Fellowship! Congratulations to Maryanne Eve! A resident of Kinglake, Maryanne experienced the tragedy … Continued

An Exploration of Karma

We’re back from Karma! And, as you might expect, this is when we give you the sell about what a great weekend it was. Well, you know what? It was! This was our third Karma Writing Retreat, and before each of them there’s been the tiniest trepidation about how groups will gel. You just never … Continued

Pop Your Bubble!

The best way you can learn to write is by writing. It doesn’t matter how much theory you gorge on, until you execute, until you learn how to articulate your imagination, structure your story, and develop your writing processes, you will never learn to write. It’s in the writing that you work out how you … Continued

Editing Anthologies

‘Being a literary major, I’ve always been told to think outside the words on the page in front of me; to see their effect, to see their purpose, and to understand their importance. I’ve always believed that the most important thing about the words on those pages is that someone found value in them, enough … Continued