Savage Ironies

Blaise was a big believer in book launches. She saw them as a celebration of all the hard work an author’s put into their book. At Blaise’s funeral, her mother, acclaimed author and artist Lin Van Hek, spoke about how she and Blaise had picked something out for Blaise to read at Lin’s funeral, assuming … Continued

Publishing Internships

As an avid reader and writer, a career involving the magic of words appealed to me from a very young age. I was constantly in awe of the worlds and voices that could be created with some paper and ink, and I wanted to be involved in that. However, the years rolled by, and the … Continued

Mystery of the Missing Female Detectives

A dead body found in an abandoned house, a missing child reappearing after 20 years, a murder on a train stuck in the snow. Mysteries, crimes and thrillers are my favourite books to seek out in bookshops. My shelves are slowly being overrun with these mystery novels. I have become addicted to clues and mysteries … Continued

Questions to ask a publisher

Are you looking for ways to publish your book? Does it feel like a minefield and you’ve heard lots of horror stories? Do your homework and it will be anxiety free, successful and fun! Here are some questions to ask a prospective publisher: Do you charge any fees to publish? If there are charges, the … Continued

Creativity versus productivity

How are you? Climbing the walls? Languishing in the depths of a cosy couch with a book or Netflix? Writing your book with gusto? Feeling guilty because you have not written anything? Not. One. Single. Word? Here’s the thing. We are at this moment turned upside down and inside out. It is the perfect time … Continued

Busybird’s Unsung Heroes

We’re tiny here at Busybird! Just five us, all working varying schedules. Co-owners, husband and wife team Kev Howlett and Blaise van Hecke, might be called ‘over-timers’, instead of ‘full-timers’. They often work from Sunday to Saturday, and sometimes evenings. They’re constantly over-servicing to give our clients the best experience possible, be that self-publishing a … Continued

Making It

There’s always been a romanticism attached to writing – the thought of sitting up endless nights, pounding away at the keyboard, telling a story only you can tell. Many inexperienced writers visualize themselves as the next Hemmingway, Fitzgerald, King, Picoult, or Rowling. But there’s something these writers – and others like them – have in … Continued

How I Used the Busybird Creative Fellowship: Maryanne Eve

This year I was the lucky recipient of the 2017 Busybird Publishing Creative Fellowship. As an aspiring writer, I love to write, although all I’ve had published is a handful of articles for a sporting magazine years ago. I’m most certainly a complete novice, so I was overwhelmed and so very grateful to be awarded … Continued