There’s always hope.

At six, almost seven, Keene can’t understand what’s wrong with Mum. She lies in bed in the spare room, wasting away, even though she’s hooked up to a bag that is meant to make her feel better. Dad describes Mum’s illness like ‘a darkness inside her’. But Keene’s sure something else is responsible.

He’s sure it’s the shadow that’s killing her.

So, one stormy day, Keene decides to go on an adventure into the bush with just his Border Collie, Bunch, in tow – an adventure he’s sure will save Mum.

But even Keene is not prepared for the dangers he faces.

The Shadow in the Wind is a story of adventure and magical realism as Keene deals with and learns to reconcile events he’s too young to fully understand.

‘Beautifully and sensitively constructed, The Shadow in the Wind is a story of many layers dealing with life, acceptance, grief and sorrow through the eyes of a small child who will not give up on hope and miracles …’
– Ian Banks
Blue Wolf Reviews

‘In his writing Zigomanis evokes the imaginative world of the child: the world of fairytales, of good and evil, of magic powers, where ordeals must be overcome, to save the loved one, and have a happy ending.’
– Helen Eddy

‘Inspired, unexpected and moving, The Shadow in the Wind is a delight.’
– Ryan O’Neil
Their Brilliant Careers (Black Inc. 2017)
Winner of the 2017 Australian Prime Minister’s Literary Award for Fiction



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