Photographic Restoration

We all have old photos that we love and treasure. Unfortunately – like everything in life – they can be a victim of wear. Aging can fade photos, while poor storage can affect the images, or damage the pictures themselves. Or the images themselves might not be exactly as we would like.

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Photo Restoration

Note the damage to the original picture (left), and how it’s been repaired flawlessly (right).

No matter how much we can care for old photos, they can still be vulnerable to wearing over the years. Or damage might be suffered in storage, or exposure to the elements. Those memories we’ve cherished, which we’ve loved, are at risk of disappearing.

However, those memories need not be lost.

Let us help you recapture them.

Again, the picture has suffered extensive damage, but we have been able to retouch it perfectly.

In both examples here (right), these old pictures have deteriorated. The extent of the damage has insinuated itself on the image itself. The parts of the image that have been damaged would seem lost forever.

If you look closely at both restored images, you won’t be able to find any hint of retouching. We’ve been able to repair these photographs so that they would look exactly the way they would’ve originally.

What do you think? Click on the images for a bigger view of them.

Photo Retouching

Here, a stamp has marred the original pictures (left). We’ve been able to erase the stamps and restore the pictures.

These images themselves aren’t damaged – not by the elements, at least.

In these cases, a stamp – which has imprinted on the surface of the image itself, so it’s become embossed – overrides the images. But we’ve been able to retouch this pictures and remove the stamp. Try to discern where the stamps once were. Have a close look at the people’s faces. Do you notice any blemishes? Do you see anything unnatural.

In all likelihood, you won’t see a thing. These images look perfect, as if the stamp never existed.

Think about any images you have that might be marked – it doesn’t necessarily have to be a stamp. It could be a watermark. Or a pen. Or even a crease because somebody once folded the photograph.

Whatever the blemish, let us help you remove it.

Object Removal

Here is an example of image removal. We have been able to remove the boy (pictured in the left image) and restore the background behind him.

You might have other reasons you want to pursue photo-manipulation.

Do you have a picture but want something removed from it? It could be anything – it could even be a photo-bomb. But you don’t want the photo-bomb. You want the image capturing exactly what you envisioned in your heart.

We can also remove anything from images.

Again, examine the example here – in this case, the boy’s not only been removed from the picture, but the kitchen wall behind him has been totally restored. We’ve been able to extrapolate what would’ve existed back there, even though we weren’t there when the original picture was taken. Can you tell one object has been removed, and what was behind that object restored?

No – looking at the image, you would think you’re seeing exactly what the photographer originally captured.

Skin Re-touching

We can also retouch images – see the differences in complexion.

Have you taken a picture, and been surprised by how blemishes have appeared on your complexion?

Or perhaps there’s something unsightly you’d lie erased – such as wrinkles (perhaps highlighted in the photograph by a flash), or a scar?

Or perhaps you’ve taken professional pictures, but are self-conscious of tattoo and fear it might scare away business?

Whatever the issue, never fear!

We can gently retouch your complexion and remove anything you might be concerned about.

We can make your skin look however you like!

Photo Manipulation

Which is real – the suit or the tradie outfit? You’ll never tell!

We can also manipulate an image in ways you might never have imagined possible.

In our example (right), we’ve taken two different photos of our subject and sewn them together to produce a composite.

But we can do so much more – we can graft other images in to interact with your own, we can weave in a completely different backdrop, we can even make you look thinner or taller.

This sort of magic is especially useful for promotional material, be it posters, pamphlets, or flyers. Or if you’re working on a book, you might visualise something extraordinary for the cover – something with which you need help.

That’s why we’re here.

Whatever your requirement, we’re to help.

Whatever you want, we can do it!

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