The baseline for fees is:
Proofreading: 1.5 cents per word

You’ve finished your book. It’s been structurally edited and copyedited. You’ve revised it over and over. Now you want to send it to printing, or a galley’s just come back from the printer, so what happens next?

The last stage of the editing process is proofreading.

The reality of the revision process is that errors will either slip through or new errors will be introduced.

Proofreading strives to correct any remaining errors and make your copy as pristine as possible before it’s printed.

Please keep in mind, this is not the time to make wholesale changes; it’s not when you decide to include a new chapter, or to move events from page 50 to page 36.

Proofreading is purely an exercise in cleaning up the text as much as humanly possible so that it’s ready to be printed and bound into a book.

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