Self-publishing no longer holds the stigma it did years ago, when traditional publishing (via a commercial publisher) seemed the only valid route. Times have changed. Self-publishing is a rewarding and profitable experience and is a way of getting your work out there. Self-publishing not only allows you total control of the creative process, but it also means that all finished copies, the full copyright and all money received from book sales remain yours.

Many first-time authors find it difficult to get their work accepted by traditional publishing houses. Because of the competitive nature of publishing, publishers won’t take on projects with a risk of unpredictable sales or those that appeal to a limited audience. Thanks to digital technology, you can print on demand to test the sales potential of your book without the expense of a large print run.

Self-publishing can be daunting but it need not be. Self-publishing can actually be fun. Self-publishing should be fun. There are many steps involved in turning a manuscript into an actual book: editing, typesetting, cover design, ISBN/barcode, copyright, printing options, book launches – these are all issues that the self-publishing author must deal with. The best part of self-publishing is that YOU have total control over every aspect.

We at Busybird can hold your hand. We can help you at any stage of the self-publishing process. We can go through it all or just help with one or two things. Most important of all, Busybird does not take any of your royalties, as partnership publishers do. We work on a fee-for-service basis.

Who is self-publishing good for?

Authors who:

  • want small print runs of as few as 10 books
  • have a ready-made market or business to on-sell books
  • have written a family history to share with just family
  • are frustrated with dealing with traditional publishers
  • want total control over all editing and design
  • want to retain all copyright
  • want all profits from their work.

Check out the self-publishing Packages we offer, or pick and choose from the services you require. Feel free to contact us, or to book an obligation-free sit-down, where you can discuss what you need to take your project forward.

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