Manuscript Assessment

Word Length Fee
10,000 words $225.00
20,000 words $300.00
30,000 words $350.00
40,000 words $400.00
50,000 words $425.00
60,000 words $450.00
70,000 words $475.00
80,000 words $500.00
More words $4.00 for every additional 1000 words
For screenplays …
15–25,000 words $250.00

Regardless of how hard you work on your writing, there’s going to come a point where you lose all objectivity. Or perhaps you’ve got a good, rough draft but are unsure where to take it next.

A manuscript assessment is a great way to get an insight into your manuscript and see how it works. We have trained editors who will provide analytical and constructive feedback, as well as offer suggestions for improvements.

We will look at your writing in detail, which means an examination of the voice, prose, plot, characters, grammar – the entire manuscript, and how it functions as a whole.

Ultimately, you will be provided with a report appraising every facet of your work, and which will contain feedback regarding corrections, revisions and further development of the manuscript.

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