The Cheeky Monkey Project

Pam Fallon
I am on a journey of personal development and growth and enjoying the challenges of change for me!  During this journey I heard a talk at Destiny Rescue about the fabulous work they are involved in, saving kids from the sex trafficking trade (something I knew nothing about).

I am passionate about spreading the word about the great work of Destiny Rescue and went to Thailand (August 2011) with the MPowered Experience Team and saw first-hand what horrors the kids in Thailand are facing.  I can now speak from personal experience and have put my hand up to become a voice for Destiny Rescue.

Join us in spreading the word and let’s get behind the Cheeky Monkey books and make a positive contribution towards the work of Destiny Rescue!

Busybird Publishing and Design
Kev Howlett (illustrator) and Blaise van Hecke (writer/publisher) head the publishing team at Busybird.

It’s okay to live in ignorance but once you find out that children are being exploited (mostly by Western men) and to what extent, you can no longer live under a rock and pretend that nothing is wrong. Creating a children’s book seemed like the most natural thing to do. While Destiny Rescue saves the world one child at a time, we’ll help them one book at a time.

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