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bookshelfPinion Press is an imprint of Busybird Publising.

At Pinion, we specialise in publishing a handful of our own titles yearly, trying to combine quality and enjoyability with some altruistic outcome,

Who is a Cheeky Monkey is a children’s book aimed at teaching the kids the importance of education, with proceeds going to a foundation aimed at rescuing children from the horrors and abuse of the sex trafficking trade.

Journey: Experiences with Breast Cancer and Below the Belt: Experiences with Prostate Cancer contain real-life accounts and poetry from everyday people who’ve been touched by those particular cancers, writing thats heartfelt but informative and helps build a community of support. A portion of proceeds from Journey go to BreaCan and WHOW, and $5.00 from every copy of Below the Belt goes to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

There’s also Walk With Me, a glorious full-colour coffee-table book containing pictures of our own Kev Howlett’s trek up to Mount Everest Base Camp in 2014. A portion of proceeds from Walk With Me go to CMTAA to help raise awareness of CMT, as well as contribute to finding a cure.

We also release annual anthologies, [untitled] and page seventeen, which are open to submissions from the public and look at promoting new and emerging writers.

If you’re interested in writing and publishing, there’s our The Easy Publishing Series, which features books that look at an aspect of publishing and offer a step-by-step guide of tips and information. The first book released in this series is The Book Book – 12 steps to successful publishing. The Book Book is a must-read for anybody interested in an easy guide to getting their book out into the world. The next book will be The Launch Book: The Little Guide to Launching Your Book.

Or perhaps business is your thing. If so, why not consider Self-Made: Real Australian Building Stories, which contains eight biopics from people who’ve succeeded in small business. Other than their stories being damn good reads, their wisdom and experiences are an invaluable guide should you be looking to get into business, or be in business and looking for ways to improve.

Our newest series is The Health Conscious Project, which will be a series of anthologies containing pieces from non-competing professionals on maintaining health in different aspects of our lives. So far, we’ve published Healthy Mind, Healthy Spirit,and Healthy Spirit.

If you like autobiography and memoir, there’s ‘Joffa: Isn’t That Life?’ by famed Collingwood supporter Jeff ‘Joffa’ Corfe. A portion of proceeds from ‘Joffa: Isn’t That Life’ will go to the Epilepsy Foundation. Or check out The Road to Tralfamadore is Bathed in River Water by Blaise van Hecke, which is about growing up on a hippy commune in the free-wheeling 1970s.

If it’s fiction you’re interested in, there’s the novellas The Uncanny Love of Jimmy Panagakos, and Drifting, and the novel Pride, and it’s YA counterpart, Song of the Curlew.

We’re always working on something.

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