Cheryl Campbell – 7 Years of Tears

Cheryl Campbell
7 Years of Tears

‘I was extremely nervous about writing my book 7 Years of Tears, as firstly I didn’t have a clue about writing a book and secondly would anyone want to read it?
‘I needn’t have worried as the process set up by Busybird Publishing was very easy to follow and as I finished one part I then just moved on to the next. All the staff were wonderful and extremely helpful and nothing was a bother – not even the millions of emails I sent to clarify things.
‘What I did learn from the experience was all I had to do was write and tell my story from the heart and people would read it. Also as much as I would like to have handed over my manuscript perfect that was just not going to happen. I could have tweaked it everyday for the rest of my life and still tweaked some more.
‘So eventually you get to a point when you say to yourself, “There I’m done”, and very nervously hand over your pride and joy for someone else to critique.
‘If you have a yearning to write a book go out and do it but then please have it published. Someone out there needs to read your story.’

Kiley Baker – Mother, Lover, Woman, Warrior

Kiley Baker
Mother Lover Woman Warrior

‘I just wanted to say thanks to Busybird for providing such a great experience whilst writing my book. Everybody that I have worked with has been amazingly helpful, from the first meeting … through all the emails … to picking up my printed books.

‘It’s all felt seamless. Writing the book was a journey, but made easier by the assistance from all the team at Busybird. Thanks again. I am sure I will be back!’

Claudia Navarro – The Power of Engagement

Claudia Navarro
The Power of Engagement

‘I wish to thank Blaise, Les and the team at Busybird for all the support in the publication of my first book The Power of Engagement.

‘The experience of writing a book and putting it all together can be overwhelming. However, with the team at Busybird Publishing the experience was fantastic. They provide the steps and tools to make the process smooth.

‘For any authors who are looking for an experienced, supportive, professional and caring publisher I highly recommend Busybird Publishing.’

Laurence Sergovich – The Undercover Mission

Laurence Sergovich
The Undercover Mission

‘I have no hesitations in recommending Busybird publishing to anyone who is intending to write their first self-published book.

‘Blaise and Les have demonstrated a professional approach to guiding me (a new author) through unfamiliar ground and making a complex process look easy. They both guided me step by step though the process of editing and presenting my first book. They were both very helpful and courteous. They made sure that I understood all the available options before making a decision.

‘I enjoyed the process, and I’m recommending others to use their services. I look forward to writing my second book, and using Busybird services again.’

Marcello D’Amico – The Voyages of the Boy from Ginostra

Marcello D’Amico
The Voyages of the Boy from Ginostra

‘As someone who has travelled around the world as a practising artistic, including musician, I am proud to say that Busybird is the quintessential art hub for young and not so young, experienced and novice artists. And Blaise, Kevin, Les and their supporting team will make sure that everyone will be the richer for the Busybird experience.

‘And thanks for having accepted me amongst your ranks and given me a new lease of artistic life.’
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Marcus Seeger – Video Marketing for Profit

Marcus Seeger
Video Marketing for Profit

Three reasons why I chose Busybird …
1. I found Blaise and Kev in keeping me accountable, and getting the book done.
2. They absolutely know book publishing inside out.
3 They really offer fantastic value and the service … I couldn’t ask for anything better!
(Check out Marcus’s video testimonial on YouTube.)

Melonie Taylor – Success on Purpose

Melonie Taylor
Success on Purpose

‘I wish to highly recommend Busybird Publishing.

‘I have recently had the pleasure of working with Blaise, Kevin, Les and the team with the publication of my book Success on Purpose – We are here for a good time not a long time.

‘Blaise and the team are professional, efficient, thorough and supportive throughout the whole process. I sincerely recommend Busybird Publishing for all your publishing needs and am so grateful for such a positive experience.’

Debbie Rossi – Beyond the Schoolyard

Debbie Rossi
Beyond The Schoolyard

‘Thank you to the team at Busybird Publishing for all your professional and friendly help in publishing my first book Beyond The Schoolyard.

‘As this was my first book, I was quite a novice in the everything to do with publishing and I found Busybird to be very helpful and patient in an easy step by step process to get my book finished and into my hands in a timely manner.’

Despina Karatzis – Adventures of a Balloon Girl

Despina Karatzis
Adventures of a Balloon Girl

‘Writing my first book was seamless all because of the care and attention to detail I received from Blaise and the team at Busybird Publishing. They are knowledgeable, have great attention to detail and genuinely care for their authors, always feeling I was part of a team and championed all the way. I could not have imagined working with anyone else and as I prepare to write my second book one of the things I look forward to most is working with Blaise again.’

Jackie Dargaville – The Vegie Box

Jackie Dargaville
The Vegie Box

‘When I became interested in self-publishing a “book” I had been working on for close to a decade, a fortuitous coincidence led me to Busybird.

‘My experience has been that Busybird are extremely skilled and helpful in leading a novice like me through the self-publishing wilderness. They held my hand up a very steep learning curve and The Vegie Box was published and launched just over a year ago.

‘I was grateful for Blaise’s publishing skills, Les’s and Ariel’s editing skills, and Kev’s photographic and promotional skills. These skills were complemented by the personal attributes of the team including patience, kindness, humour and warmth.

‘One truly feels like part of a family when under the Busybird tent and I intend to enter that tent once again with a new project.

‘They deserve every success they come by.’

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