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We host all sorts of workshops here at Busybird designed at helping the budding artist learn more about their craft. Check out the bottom half of this page if you’d like to read a little about what’s on offer.

Otherwise, we have a downloadable schedule (see the link under the calendar), or you can find our workshops highlighted in our calendar (above right), along with a direct link to Eventbrite, so that you can book. If you prefer not to book online, you can call us here at (03) 9434 6365.

We also hold longer and intensive workshops, such as Book Writing Boot Camp, Novelling, and the Karma Kinglake Weekend Workshop Writing Retreat. Check out their individual pages for more details.

You can download a list
of our workshops
for Semester 2 of 2018

Fund Your Project
(Facilitated by Blaise van Hecke)
fundyourproject You have a great idea that you think will be of great value to the world but how do you get the funds to bring it into reality?

Learn about crowd funding through platforms such as Pozible. How do you structure a campaign? What should it include? How do you communicate to people? What rewards can you offer to get people interested, and invested?

How to Market Your Book
(Facilitated by Blaise van Hecke)
howtomarketyourbook Once you’ve written and published your book how do you get it into readers hands? Writing is easy. It’s selling your book to the world that’s the daunting task!

Learn how to get as much exposure as possible for your book and yourself and make it standout from the millions of other books already on the market.

How To Use Your Digital SLR Camera
(Facilitated by Kev Howlett)
DSLRworkshopsIf you have a digital SLR camera but only ever use it on automatic, then Kev will get you taking photographs like a pro.

With over thirty years experience in the commercial photographic industry, Kev knows all the tricks and techniques to ensure you get the best out of your camera.

Introduction to Fiction Writing
(Facilitated by Les Zigomanis)
fictionwritingHave you ever wanted to put pen to paper and write a story?

Or are you writing a story and struggling with the basics?

Introduction to Writing Fiction looks at the staples of building a story from the ground up, and will also offer some nifty tips for revision when you have to go back and polish your work.

Life Writing
(Facilitated by Blaise van Hecke)
lifewritingPeople tell you that you’ve had an interesting life; you should write a book.

But where do you start? There’s so much to write about, and you don’t know how to begin. Or how to structure it. Or how to write. Or even how to get the best out of yourself. It’s all so overwhelming and confusing. You wish somebody could guide you through it.

This workshop will give writers the skills to write a compelling story that will be a great legacy for future generations.

Photographic Walking Tours
(Facilitated by Kev Howlett)
photographicwalkingtourIt’s one thing to take static pictures, but if you’re serious about photography, you want to take gorgeous scenic shots. However, it’s not so easy when you have to deal with inclement conditions, or need to take pictures on the run.

See the world like a professional photographer and take breathtaking shots. Kev will teach you about lighting and composition in different locations.

The location advised closer to the date of each tour.

Publish for Profit
(Facilitated by Blaise van Hecke)
publishforprofitworkshopPublish for Profit is a networking group that meets at the Busybird Studio ~ Gallery. It’s a great chance to meet other writers, brainstorm, and also learn something new. Each session will also have a dedicated lesson that pertains to some facet of writing.

Publishing Options
(Facilitated by Blaise van Hecke)
They say that everyone has at least one book in them. But where do you begin? What do you do? And when you’re finished, where do you go next?

Make this the year to write and publish your book. Participants will learn the different options for publishing that will suit their project.

Teen Writing Workshop
teenwritingworkshopAre you a teenager with an interest in writing? Do you have an overriding desire to tell your stories? But while you’re writing, and while you want to write, you’re unsure how to take your craft further, to learn, to develop the tools that’ll build the framework of your writing for years to come!

The workshop costs $45.00, run for three hours, will cover different aspects of writing (such as structure, voice, characterisation, plotting, and dialogue), feature various writing exercises, and also touch on editing and revision.

If you’re interested, please email us or call us on 9434 6365 to talk about it.
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